#1 Console Gaming – Top 5 Reasons I’ll Never Play FF-XIII-2

Posted: January 28, 2012 in #01 Console Gaming
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Among my many hobbies (139 apparently) console gaming ranks at the top.  This past year we had some MAJOR block busters release.  Batman Arkham City, Skyrim, BattleField 3, Modern Warfare 3, Portal 2, Zelda, I mean the list goes on.  But this year… This year is slim pickings. And even the “Blockbuster” games coming out still seem to leave an empty hole in my heart.  Let’s take a look at Final Fantasy 13-2 for example.


Top 5 Reasons I’ll never play Final Fantasy 13-2

  1. I buy video games to play, not watch a movie.  FF13 had such massively long cut scenes!  I only got half way through the game before I had had enough and returned it.  Square Software…err…Enix, has really strayed from its roots of core game play.  13-2 is likely to have the same length cut scenes.
  2. The Original FF13 was the most linear game I’ve ever played.  Of course there is mainly one path to walk down, its a game.  But no towns to explore?  No mini games? no alternate paths?  No world map?  No freedom to just relax for a minute?  No thanks.
  3. FF-VII spoiled me.  It was the first FF game I’ve ever played and still holds onto the title of “All time fav game” in my books.
  4. Square has been losing public trust big time after they admitted FF13 could have been more polished and the utter failure of FF14
  5. Unless it gets amazing reviews (And it only got an 8.0 on IGN.  Gamespot.com review isn’t out yet but I’ll expect they’ll give a 7.5 ) I won’t have any motivation to finish the first one in order to play this sequel.  I don’t feel right playing a sequel to a game I didn’t finish the first one, you know?

There you have it.  My two cents before the game official comes out.  Maybe I’m being too hard on the franchise, got second opinion?  Leave a comment!

  1. *tosses grenade* 13-2 is supposed to be better, but yes 7 spoiled us all, but you have to be open to changes, 10 was good, so was 8 and 9, 12 was ok, 13….yeah linear. But dont toss it in the trash til you try it. CRISIS CORE….amazing game.

    • OH MAN!! CRISIS CORE!!! Completely forgot about that amazing GEM of a game… I bought a PSP just to play that game. AMAZING. Thank you for reminding me that square did squeeze out a good game in the form of Crisis Core (A prequel to FF7 for anyone else reading this).

      FF8… okay. I never beat it because of a glitch. Got to disk 4 too…
      Never played FF9 – I did hear it was good.
      FF10 was… good. But depressing… everything revolved too much around death for my taste.
      FF12, for me the difficulty level had a steep curve to it on one particular mission.

      They just need to go back to the original FF7 system with the materia. That made sense.

  2. Gamespot just gave their review for FF13-2. As I predicted, they gave it a 7.5 http://www.gamespot.com/final-fantasy-xiii-2/platform/xbox360/

  3. I think the main thing to do here is to keep an open mind about it. Also, not to pay attention to a score of a review, but to read the review and decide how good the game will be for you based on the comments, not just a silly score. Your biggest complaint seems to be that XIII was linear, but XIII-2 has been made to change this, and many other things that people complained about from XIII. Also, I personally never found the cutscenes to be any longer than the other games, but that might just be me.

    • Masterlinkace,
      another very solid point. I did just read how they made this game much more open than its mother game. I do like to predict sores for games because the main websites are very predictable. For example, IGN praised the game saying it is better than the first game, fixed many things, yet only gave it a 8.0 whereas they gave the first game like an 8.9 or something.

      One of the main reasons I’m never going to play this game however is mainly do to how poorly the first was. I personally don’t want to play a sequel to a game when the first left such a bitter taste in my mouth.

      However, your right that it is good to keep an open mind. Who know, once the hype of the game dies down, against all my morals, I might sheepishly buy a used copy of the game just to confirm my previous thoughts only to fall in love with the game. Its happen before. Great comment masterlinkace. Way to make us think more critically about the upcoming game.

      • Cheers, and fair enough really, I am always a bit anxious about buying a sequel to a game I never truly enjoyed, and yet, if I have been told it solves the issues I had with its prequel, I will try my best to check it out anyway. I can however see how XIII would have left you at a point where you don’t want to play XIII-2, in fact, many of my friends have now sworn against Final Fantasy completely after playing it.

        Also, yeah, I do agree that the main sites are very predictable, and I never quite gave a sequel they claimed to be better than the original, a lower score. Oh well, I guess I’ll just have to wait and find out for myself, fair to say though, I will probably be waiting a bit, don’t really want to risk the full price for it after XIII.

      • Ana says:

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      • Thanks Ana! Always love comments! Come back soon, I will be posting some new stuff shortly 🙂


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