#16 Zombie Apocalypse – Are You Ready?

Posted: January 28, 2012 in #01 Console Gaming, #16 Zombie Apocalypse
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With all the wonderful major advances in medicine, bioengineering & the world’s connectedness, I think we can all agree we are but a few short years away from something going horribly wrong in a lab (probably in Europe) thus bringing on the inevitable Zombie Apocalypse.  Are you ready?

A sign I saw in "Five Below" today. We laugh now, but one day these signs will replace "No Parking" signs.

This is a new hobby of mine.  Preparing for these creatures was never really on my radar until a friend of mine, (who also has a gaming website, Confidant Gamers, check it out.) was driving in the car with me.  We were talking about video games and the people we play with.  Then the conversation took a turn, after mentioning another person he said, “He’s one of the people who would be on my team when the Zombie Apocalypse begins.  You gotta have the right people with the right skills, for example…”  The next 10 minutes revealed 3 things to me:

  1. His thoroughness was unsettling. He had really thought this through!
  2. His list made for a team of people that could rival the skills of “Seal Team Six
  3. I was not on this list…

What do I have to offer?  Nothing!  No skills worthy of fending off the undead.  I would last a week at best.  But no worries, I’ve got at least a few more years before the inevitable break out.  I must figure out what skills I need to learn to become valuable in this new world.  Being able to play guitar just won’t cut it, unless I equip that guitar with a semi-automatic?

All I know is that this sign in Five Blow that I took a picture of today was a chilling reminder that I need to get better at my Zombie Apocalypse skills if I’m going to survive.  Archery Class here I come!  Maybe… Unless I get distracted by something else.  Leave a comment telling me how you are preparing!


  1. I bet once The Zombie Apocalypse strikes humanity, a new slogan by zombies will arise with a Disney reference:
    “Humans are food, not friends!”

  2. Chris says:

    Theo, you are right, you have alittle bit of time to hone those zombie killing skills.

    Yes your guitar playing will come in handy to calm everyone with relaxing music and once you add some weight and metal shards to the end of it, the guitar will become an ideal zombie brain smashing weapon! Death by music!!!

    Hey, i would never leave you behind….and im ready to put u down, no second thoughts, if needed to.


  3. Andrew Gouw® says:

    Dont worry Theo when in doubt pray God’s angels will come. Oh yeah make sure you use a good weapon.


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