#01 Console Gaming – Playstation 4 Feb 20th!

Posted: January 31, 2013 in #01 Console Gaming
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At 6:30pm EST Jan 31, the PlayStation website released a 45 second ad which which showed off the iconic 4 PlayStation controller buttons.  The fairly epic music followed by the Feb 20th date seems to suggest that PlayStation is finally going to announce their next generation console.

Rumors have been running wild over the last few weeks as more details about both the “Xbox 720″ and “PlayStation 4″ have been becoming far more detailed.  This is a strong indication that more and more people are beginning to get their hands on what could be close to the finished product.

PlayStation 3 was revealed at E3 back in 2005 and was launched in 2006 for a high retail  price tag of $499 for 60GB of storage.  Here we are eight years later from the PS3′s reveal and all signs seem to indicate that it is indeed time for PlayStation’s Next Generation.  This would be a highly surprising, and bold move by Sony as that have historically chosen to be the last to give such announcements.  Even last week Sony made a statement saying that they would rather let Microsoft show their hand first so they could then make adjustments to their system and come out with something better.  But obviously at this stage in the game few adjustments could realistically be made.

So what does Feb 20th hold for gamers?  Check back here at to get the latest on this developing story.

  1. prewitt1970 says:

    Ya know coming from the video game business i must agree, 12 years exec in the field Ex huge gamer. FF lokked great handled poorly and im pretty sure was written by mice, but it might have been hampsters. ikd. Square could make biliions in N. America if it decided to listen to the side of the ponds gamers, but hey since N.Am gamers are not hip enough for square we’ll never see another good FF title here. I mean really FF mobile apps in Japan were better than the last 2 FF game. Ok Thats my two cents. Thanks for stopping by my site earlier.


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