#04 Photography – The Lost Woods

Posted: February 1, 2013 in #04 Photography
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Earlier this past summer I decided to go on an adventure.  With just a water bottle, backpack, Camera, & tripod with me I set out on a journey to capture some pictures of nature.  The problem is I live in a very city like community right outside of Washington D.C. in the United States.  (Starting to get readers from around the globe so trying to give locations to where I’m at).  I live in a suburb about 30 minutes from the White House, Capital building, Pentagon, etc.  All of these structures make great subjects to shoot – but I wanted to go somewhere a little less populated.

Therefore I pulled off on the side of the road where there was a tree line behind a 7-11 and just started walking deeper into these woods.  I certainly was not disappointed with what I found.  Maybe because for the first time, while walking through the woods, I began to take in the vastness of it all.  The dizzying height of the trees.  The deep greens of the grass.  The bright orange decomposing tree bark laying on the ground.  Everything just seemed to DSC_0111be worthy of a picture.

I don’t remember any of the settings I used while snapping these shots.  But I do remember being at peace while walking through these lost woods (Zelda Reference).  It just goes to show you what we might miss if we don’t pause to take a look at what is around us.




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