#30 Movies – What Makes A Good Movie Experience?

Posted: February 3, 2013 in #05 Saving Money, #08 Laughing, #30 Movies
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My wife and I love movies.  I’m more the Action Adventure guy.  She is more the romantic gal.  As you can imagine it can be hard to find a compromise, however over the years we’ve been dating and now married, we’ve learned that we don’t watch movies so much for the movie – as much as we do for the experience.  Take this photo I took for example.  That’s my wife with a Extra Large bucked of popcorn from AMC theaters in Germantown Maryland.  What you may not be able to tell in that photo is that we are actually sitting on our couch at our home.

You see, for both of us – we are looking for a particular experience that this episode in our lives revealed.

The situation was we couldn’t afford to go see a movie but we still wanted to have the movie experience.  For me, all I needed was my 40″ Sony TV, Xbox 360 to rent the movie, and 2.1 Boss Speakers… Oh yeah… Turn the lights out, crank up the volume and I’m good to go.  My wife on the other hand…

For her, popcorn is everything.  And no… It can’t just be the pop secret bag in the Microwave.  Because I love my wife so much, I got in my car and drove 5 miles to the AMC theater – Ordered a extra large bucket of popcorn ($13.78!!) and brought it home so we could watch our $5 rental.

It was great.  Do you have any MUSTS for a good movie experience?

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  1. I agree with your wife. The popcorn, with lots of the fake butter, is what makes a movie great!

  2. What a sweet guy! Yes, there is nothing like the theater experience. I love movies and nowadays they are so easy to consume in such a variety of ways. I watch them on my computer wherever my laptop may end up, portable dvd player, on my living room television, etc.

    But every now and then, when there is a movie I really want to see and highly anticipate its release, I’ve just got to go to the movies and sit in the dark with my sweetie by my side, fully engaged in the moment, without distractions.

    Love your blog. Thanks for the post!


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