#32 Travel – Urban Peru

Posted: February 7, 2013 in #04 Photography, #32 Travel
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IMG_0067When you see this image, what comes to mind?  Not too long ago I was in Pacasmayo Peru in South America to help an orphanage & Church down there.  I love when I visit other Countries because to me EVERYTHING is art.  Every street, every building, every person, every ally is art.  Take this scene for example.  Many people will see very different things in this picture.

  • Some might just see a wall.
  • Some might only notice the graffiti.
  • Some might see the remains of posters – or the current one that is up.
  • Some might feel sorry for anyone who lives here.
  • Some might think this place is nothing but a dead end.

But did you notice the fresh bricks ready to be laid in the bottom right of the photo?  You see, even when it seems like there is no hope for a grungy and poor situation, renewal is just around the corner.  This was Hobby #32 “Travel”

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