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Today I fell in LOVE with guitars all over again.  Let me explain.  I’ve been playing guitar for over 11 years now.  I experimented with different types and styles before I finally settled mastering the Acoustic guitar.  I’ve only had two acoustic guitar’s in my life.  A Takamini (spelling?) that I got for like 200.  and a Washburn (about $400) guitar which I still have after 7 years.

However, because I didn’t know how to take care of my acoustic guitars (which are far more delicate than I first thought) I messed both of them up.  My Washburn is still playable definitely.  But I’ve been wanting a new guitar for years.  Fast forward to today.

One of the interns at my job just bought a brand new Taylor GS Mini.  It has a mahogany & neck.  It’s also “travel size” and Oh my goodness, this guitar is amazing.  I love taylor guitars.  I’ve always wanted a Taylor guitar.  But they are expensive.  Enter my wife & the Taylor GS Mini

We just had a great conversation on the couch and we started talking about how she use to play guitar.  I introduced the idea that maybe we get her this smaller Taylor guitar that i played today and she was all for the idea!  Whoohoo!  Now… We’re broke as a joke right now… So I’ll have to crape up the money somewhere.  But wanted to let the world know that we are starting the hobby #10 Guitar playing back up soon!  Guess I’ll be looking into Hobby # 5 Saving money soon… Do you have guitar of choice?  Let me know in the comments below!


What’s Up World!  My name is Theo Davis and I’m a hobbyhalic.  Very excited about the start of this Blog of mine.  I’ve always wanted to do something like this, but it has been terribly difficult for me to narrow my blog down to one thing.  Once I saw word press allowed me to create Categories it sparked the idea to blog about all the hobbies I love!  And I love a ton!  I’ve started 18 Categories today which I will slowly start to fill with posts.

Why 139?

Well… I have my reasons.  But my goal is to name 139 hobbies to blog about and entertain the world 😀

The Goal?

Some day I would love to start an actual website, but for now blogging just makes sense.  If you like a post PLEASE leave your thoughts!  I would love to hear your feedback, it might prompt me to blog more about that particular topic.  Well… Here we go!