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Hobby #22 – Comic Books!  I am a pretty big Comic Book fan.  Meaning I actually buy comic books.  Regardless weather or not you buy comic books you are more than likely familiar with the more popular superheros.  Batman, Iron Man, Green Lateran, Wonder Woman, Spiderman, X-men, etc.  But there is one superhero EVERYONE has heard of.  Arguably the most recognized superhero in the world:  Superman.  Yes the man from krypton who has the iconic Red cape and blue tights.  Everyone knows superman.  But do you really like superman?  I don’t mean if he is you’re favorite superhero or anything, I mean… Don’t you find yourself despising him just a little, if not a whole lot?  The following are 4 Reasons Why You Subconsciously Hate Superman.

4. You Find His Powers Atrociously Absurd.  According to Wiki Superman has 12 superhuman powers.  They are as follows: Superhuman Strength, Invulnerability, Flight, Superhuman Speed, X-Ray Vision, Heat Vision, Superhuman Breath, Superhuman Hearing, Superhuman Smell, Photographic Memory, Inability to be Recognized while wearing glasses.

When you see all the powers lined up like this, you quickly realize this list of powers is ridiculous.  AND this isn’t even the whole list.  He has many obscure abilities he only uses once or twice because for some reason the other 12 didn’t cut it (Such as being able to reverse the rotation of the Earth thus turning back time it’s self… because we all know the flow of time depends on the earth turning clockwise.) You’d think the creator would have thought around 4 powers “that’s enough.” Nope.  He kept piling them on.  You subconsciously hate superman, because reminds you of “that guy” in middle school who could do anything you could do, but better.  That person even was naturally talented at things which took you years to even be called “intermediate”.  He reminds you of all the people whoever had a skill better than you.  Com’mon Superman, don’t be that guy.

3. You Find His Weaknesses Equally As Absurd.  A little green metal from Superman’s home planet known as Kryptonite is the only known weakness to the Man of Steel.  However his weakness was not created from the beginning.  Superman became a comic back in 1939.  Kyptonite was not introduced into the comics as his weakness until 1949 – 10 years later!  They finally realized its not very entertaining to watch a godlike character beat up the common thug with 12 unstoppable powers. 

Here’s the kicker though, it doesn’t just Zap some of his powers, or slowly reducing the potency of all of his powers.  The moment he is exposed to the metal he is rendered as helpless as a new born infant, pathetically wobbling his head around like a baby looking for milk.  One of the reasons you subconsciously hate Superman is because his one weakness is so unbelievably crippling, you can’t believe he’s not dead yet. Can’t he carry around an epipen in his little red tights or something?  You know that crazy long syringe people who have severe allergic reactions to stuff like honey and peanuts or have to jab into themselves or they will die?  Get better superman.

2. People Should Fear Him, but meh… Now if I lived in a city where a freakishly strong alien lived who can hear injustice happening from a mile away, I would think twice about robbing someone… Forget robbing people, I’d be nervous to jaywalk!  But no.  Crime continues, some would argue it has gotten worse since Superman’s arrival to MetropolisThere is never any mention of a long history of Super Villains before Superman came.  Sure there was crime, but no “mad scientists” trying to blow up the city to get to superman.  But even with all those limitless superpowers, his main downfall is our number 1 Reason why you Subconsciously Hate Superman.

1.  You’re Annoyed He Doesn’t Know How to Close the Deal.  He is an awful, awful fighter.  Think about it. 12 amazing powers.  Why does it take several comics, or a whole episode for him to beat someone?  Most of the times Superman gets smacked around like someone who stole food from a pregnant woman, (Its okay, I can say that.  My wife is pregnant).  But really, if you’ve ever read a comic, watched a movie, or the cartoon.  All superman knows how to do is get completely owned by his opponent the entire time.  He is the king of getting trashed and looking a hot mess by the end of the comic.  That might be fine if you’re any other superhero.  But come on “Man of Steel” way to have the most ridiculous godlike powers among all superheros and still find new ways to have your face shoved in the mud.  GET BETTER!


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