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It’s good to be back blogging!  While I was going from my blog, over the holidays I discovered this FANTASTIC new hobby called “Perler Beading”  Basicly you buy these special kinds of beads and peg boards.  Line the beads up on the pegs and then iron them.  After about 30 seconds the plastic melts, fusing them together.

Theo, Isn’t this a Girls Hobby?92190120MUSH
…No it’s not a girls hobby!  Well… It just depends on what you decide to make.  Case in point:  Old school video game character sprites are some of the best things I love to make.  I started off by buying s starter pack from Joe Ann’s Fabric (not the manlyest store around but whatever…)  and making a few simple sprites.
Once I got the hang of it I began to make a few more complex sprites with shading and everything.  I realized that I was running out of colors quickly so I went online and ordered 40 more shades of colors so I had a more complete color selection to work from.  I wish I could say I made all of these from my head – but no.  I copied them from what i’ve seen others do.  But it is so relaxing!

123231I love just putting on some music, and relaxing while placing bead after bead.  I made so many over the Holidays that I’m taking a short break now.  But please check out what I’ve done so far.  Everything next to this text is a picture of some of the 8-bit sprites I have made that are hanging above my patio door.  Tried to make a small scene from “Super Mario World” If you have any suggestions on what to make next, please leave a comment in the window below!

Hobby #18 of 139 – Art!  Life is so much better when we have an appreciation of art.  You don’t need to go to school or even be talented to appreciate art.  In fact, art in my opinion is even better when we discover something that wasn’t even intended to be “art”  Take this picture above for example.  This is in the paint section of an art store that someone just splashed on there so you could see how the paint blends.  Nothing more than a sample.  Its only half the size of the palm of your hand.  But look at it!  I just had to take a picture of it with my Nikon D3100.  I always adore how well black and red go together.  But notice the white as well!  It really drives your eye even more to the center of the little painting.

To me when I see this, I see the “Eye of Sauron”.  You know, that eye on top of the tower in Lord of the Rings that longs for the ring.  It’s not obviously that, but that’s half the fun of appreciation art. It really is the little things in life.  Life is better when you can enjoy the little things in life, such as hidden art gems.

LEAVE A COMMENT, what do you see?  What does it remind you of?


What’s Up World!  My name is Theo Davis and I’m a hobbyhalic.  Very excited about the start of this Blog of mine.  I’ve always wanted to do something like this, but it has been terribly difficult for me to narrow my blog down to one thing.  Once I saw word press allowed me to create Categories it sparked the idea to blog about all the hobbies I love!  And I love a ton!  I’ve started 18 Categories today which I will slowly start to fill with posts.

Why 139?

Well… I have my reasons.  But my goal is to name 139 hobbies to blog about and entertain the world 😀

The Goal?

Some day I would love to start an actual website, but for now blogging just makes sense.  If you like a post PLEASE leave your thoughts!  I would love to hear your feedback, it might prompt me to blog more about that particular topic.  Well… Here we go!