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THEO letters

So, my name is Theo.  As you may have realized, out of all my hobbies, photography is what I’m into right now.  Something I learned from a GREAT photographer named Bryan Peterson (who has amazing books you should check out) is that while you are out and about with your camera, try taking pictures of letters so you can make the whole alphabet.  Once you have the whole alphabet you can put them together to create words.  He often makes pictures of peoples names and gives them as gives.  Above is my name without the fancy cropping and photo shopping them together (don’t have photoshop yet.)  Here is the origin of each letter

  • T – is the t from “STOP” printed on a road.  very LARGE letter
  • H – is the hunt in the Hunt Club sign of our apartment complex at night
  • E – is from the Lowe’s Cineplex sign that I took straight on from the top of a parking garage
  • O is from the Rio Granda Cafe. at dusk.

Makes for great pictures and you can keep adding to your collection!  Hope this was helpful in your own photography!

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DSC_0137During one of my many treks through the United States’ Nations Capital (Washington D.C.) there are a ton of photographic opportunities.  I try to pick just one subject to photograph each time I’m in the city.  This helps me to get the best shot.  I’m not good enough to compose a great images in a matter of minutes like the professional photographers out there.  It helps me to get at least one shot I’m very pleased with.  It’s a little past 6am EST the morning of this shot.  The sun is directly behind the Washington Monument.

Washington Monument Trivia!
You might have noticed in this picture that it appears the bottom of the monument is a different color.  You’re eyes are correct!  They started building the monument to George Washington back in 1848 – 1854.  But construction was put on hold due to politics, funding, and many other things.  It was finally finished between 1878 – 1884.  Due to this decades long gap – they ended up having to slice marble from a different location in Maryland which is why to this day we have a two toned monument.

Also the monument is 555 ft tall… wow.

Also no other buildings in Washington D.C. are allowed to be taller than the Monument or the Capital Building.  Which is why to this day these structures are still very prominent in the skyline, even-though we have the construction abilities to build significantly taller things than this now.

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