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Picture taken by National Geographic

I am an American and I want to visit UK.  I want to badly!  I think most Americans want to visit the UK.  In fact its one of the top destinations for American travelers.  But whenever I hear the reasons people want to go I’m often disappointed by their responses.  “I want to see Big Ben!” or “I want to take a picture with those Royal Guards who never move” or “I want to see the crown Jewels”.

Now, some people really want to do these things, that’s fine.  However, I believe there is SO MUCH MORE to the UK than what can be seen from Parliament & Buckingham Palace.  After all the United Kingdom is comprised of 4 countries after all: England, Wales, Scotland, and Northern Ireland.  I’m going to try to keep each description fairly short so you can read through all of them.  Here are the top 10 reasons I believe everyone should visit the UK.

10 The History
This is a land filled with History!  A land of Kings and Queens.  A land full of old myths and legends.  A land of many wars and strife.  A land that was the capital of the world at one point.  Most American’s have some bloodline connection to one of the four countries.

9 The Castles
Get away from downtown London and go explore some of the Castles of the country!  There are over 1500 castles in England.  Over 1,600 in Scotland (Although quite a few are in ruins now.)  About 400 in Wales and Northern Ireland has somewhere between 50 – 100.  Each one of these locations has a story to tell.

8 The Food
There was this British girl I liked back in college (just before I met the love of my life, love you sweetie!) and she found this British restaurant – a sort of mom and pop joint just a few miles from our small college at Eastern University near Wayne Pennsylvania.  It wasn’t a date, well… I thought it was.  But apparently it wasn’t… she broke my heart… sigh… I’m not bitter… anyway about the food.  YUM!  It was so different what what I was use to eating.  Some of it I loved – some of it I hated – but I was thrilled to try it all!

7 The Rolling Green Hills
All area’s of the UK have their large abundance of rolling green hills, but Northern Ireland instantly comes to mind.  Every photo I’ve ever seen of the country side out there is like some magical land straight out of a painting.  These hills make for great photo ops.

6 The Master Craftsmen/Women
The industrial revolution brought about large scale manufacturing – thus almost completely eliminating the need for craftsmen who produce custom made things.  Almost.  The UK is home to tens of thousands of craftsmen & women from every walk of life that are still in business crafting various different items that people are still willing to pay top dollar for because some things are just better made by hand.

5 The Pub’s.
Now, I know what you’re thinking!  “I don’t drink.”  or  “I don’t want to go to a bar” right?  UK “Pubs” are different from American Bars.  Pub’s (short for Public Houses) are a place where friends and families go to hang out, see some good local entertainment, eat a hearty meal, and of course, have a pint.   Pub’s are most streets in major area’s and each one unique.

4 The Architecture

Don’t you dare go to the UK without admiring the hundreds of years of artwork on display in the streets, buildings, lamps, windows, gardens, homes, offices and churches.  The amount of detail the builders put into the historical buildings are mind boggling.

3 The Photographic Opportunities
Breath taking Images are just waiting for you to take some pictures of.  I would love to take 2 months off work and just explore and take creative pictures.  You’ll be kicking yourself if you don’t capture this artwork that is all around you.  TIP:  Try to take pictures from different angles and unique vantage points.  Low from the ground looking up.  Having leading lines in your picture.  Etc.

2 The People of the Land
I dare not attempt to stereo type an entire people from 4 countries and so many different cultures within.  Statements like, “They are all wonderful” or “They are all awful” would be a gross and ignorant assumption.  What I do know is that everyone has a story to tell and if you take a moment to strike up a conversation with someone you might be surprised with how it goes.

1 The Over All Culture
Between England, Northern Ireland, Wales, and Scotland – You’ll be roaming a land rich with traditions and shared values.  Take some time – pause – observe – journal your thoughts – take it all in.  Everything mentioned above pours into the over all unique culture of the United Kingdom.

If any of my readers & followers from the UK would like to chime in and add to this list I would love to hear from you.  Even if it is a correction on something I may have gotten incorrect!  Can’t wait to visit yall some day!

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IMG_0790Its amazing how 6 colors of perler beads can give an image such a 3D look.  This is Hobby #25 “Perler Beading”.  Took about 15 minutes to create and iron.  Now it is proudly hanging on my wall.  Whoohoo!

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So I’m sitting here watching the superbowl.  I get up to make some cheese dip and all of a sudden I’m not hearing anything… I look at the screen and most of the stadium is dark… No speakers… no lights… Wow…. All I can do is laugh.

Growing up, I’ll admit it, our family (as a kid) had the power cut out on us when we couldn’t afford to pay… But… Common.  The power company didn’t have to cut the power DURING the Superbowl?!  Common NFL… All the mad money you’re making during this Super Bowl and yall couldn’t pay the power company?  Hey, NFL, just give me a call and I’ll let you know about how to use “BillPay”  hahah Oh well… Let endless amounts of mocking the NFL begin!

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My wife and I love movies.  I’m more the Action Adventure guy.  She is more the romantic gal.  As you can imagine it can be hard to find a compromise, however over the years we’ve been dating and now married, we’ve learned that we don’t watch movies so much for the movie – as much as we do for the experience.  Take this photo I took for example.  That’s my wife with a Extra Large bucked of popcorn from AMC theaters in Germantown Maryland.  What you may not be able to tell in that photo is that we are actually sitting on our couch at our home.

You see, for both of us – we are looking for a particular experience that this episode in our lives revealed.

The situation was we couldn’t afford to go see a movie but we still wanted to have the movie experience.  For me, all I needed was my 40″ Sony TV, Xbox 360 to rent the movie, and 2.1 Boss Speakers… Oh yeah… Turn the lights out, crank up the volume and I’m good to go.  My wife on the other hand…

For her, popcorn is everything.  And no… It can’t just be the pop secret bag in the Microwave.  Because I love my wife so much, I got in my car and drove 5 miles to the AMC theater – Ordered a extra large bucket of popcorn ($13.78!!) and brought it home so we could watch our $5 rental.

It was great.  Do you have any MUSTS for a good movie experience?

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