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Today was such a lovely day outside my wife and I had to get out of the house and go do something.  But what?  Today was the Cherri blossom festival in Washington D.C. and there wasn’t a chance I was going anywhere near that place.  I’m not a huge fan of big crowds.. So we began to think about other places that would be fun to visit.  We settled on Annapolis Maryland because neither of us had ever been to the state capital before.  So we packed our bags and my Nikon D5100 and a few lenses and we were out the door!

Here is a picture of my amazingly gorgeous wife and our daughter Zelda. _DSC0095

I told my two ladies  to sit on the steps of an empty shop while I broke out the cam.  I love how this picture came out because my subjects are very sharp (Malia and Zelda) Malia just looks beautiful here with her color coordinated self.  Zelda is stuffing her face as normal.











We took many pictures but I wanted to highlight a few of them here.  _DSC0061This first picture I took in the heart of the city.  It has a very colonial style to the city.  So I tried to tell the story of where we were at by getting down low and shooting the picture at an upward angle.  This helps me see things from my daughters perspective as well as get one of the state buildings in the background.

Zelda, my daughter, is triumphantly holding a peddle that had fallen from the tree in this shot.  This was a very good composure I believe.  I’m sure I could have done something to make it better, but when working with a 1 year old kid… its hard to keep them still






_DSC0102I love this next picture because it came out so well.  We were walking down this street and I noticed this would be a great shot.  I was around 2pm to the light was still very harsh.  As with my other pictures I tried to find some shade to shoot in.  We crossed the street and I opened up my aperture very wide to blur the background and bring focus two my wife and daughter.  It took us a few shots but we got a great shot here of Zelda laughing.  You also get a sense of motion with the people behind her and her hair blowing in the wind


_DSC0112Finally at the end of that hill we came across an AMAZING Irish violin player, playing some classic Celtic style tunes on his instrument.  I broke out my camera and capture this sad picture.

I love this picture because it tells a story.  A story of how “connected” and how “disconnected” our world is now.  Here we have this amazing man of culture and talent, playing wonderful music… all while being ignored by just about every person who passes him on the street.

Story telling in photography can be tricky.  There was another man taking pictures of him as well, but he was at a different angle focusing solely on the subject.  By getting behind the musician we are able to see the world through his eyes.  What might he be thinking?  Will today be his last day to play?  Will he decide his talent is a waste?  Will he push on to provide the world with such wonderful music?  Time will tell.


When you don’t live directly in the city it can be hard to find a good vantage point.  BUT there out there!  Take this shot for example.  My foreground is 2/3’s of the shot, sky is 1/3 so composition there.  I’m actually taking this photo from the 5th floor of an apartment complex that I don’t live in.  Eek!  My goal was to capture some of the light trails from cars.  But I really didn’t want to just take a street perspective.
The way this apartment was set up was that the hallways were exposed to the elements with doors to the apartments on either side of the hallway.  My biggest fear was someone coming out of their apartment and being super startled by me taking pictures at like midnight outside their door.  Sure enough… some old man came out to take his trash out – saw me – and slowly went back into his apartment.  I heard several chains locking after he shut the door lol.  This was a good indicator that it was time to move on – but not before I capture a few good shots of light trails.  Photography is fun!

THEO letters

So, my name is Theo.  As you may have realized, out of all my hobbies, photography is what I’m into right now.  Something I learned from a GREAT photographer named Bryan Peterson (who has amazing books you should check out) is that while you are out and about with your camera, try taking pictures of letters so you can make the whole alphabet.  Once you have the whole alphabet you can put them together to create words.  He often makes pictures of peoples names and gives them as gives.  Above is my name without the fancy cropping and photo shopping them together (don’t have photoshop yet.)  Here is the origin of each letter

  • T – is the t from “STOP” printed on a road.  very LARGE letter
  • H – is the hunt in the Hunt Club sign of our apartment complex at night
  • E – is from the Lowe’s Cineplex sign that I took straight on from the top of a parking garage
  • O is from the Rio Granda Cafe. at dusk.

Makes for great pictures and you can keep adding to your collection!  Hope this was helpful in your own photography!

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Some more Perler Beading!  Super Mario this time.  Feel free to use this patter to make your own!

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IMG_0002Here is a photo I took while in Pacasmayo Peru as the sun was beginning to set.  Beautiful Country.  Love the area.  Love taking pictures.

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IMG_0007While sitting at a beach hotel in Peru I noticed what a nice photographic shot lay before me.  Bunching all the food and coffee together – and sprinkling a little brown sugar on the table for some more texture, I was pretty please with how this shot turned out.  Everything you need for a balanced breakfast… sort of… lol.

Little can you tell but if I were to raise my camera up and take another picture you would see the Pacific Ocean about 30 yards away.  Love the hobby of photography!

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So last week was my daughter Zelda’s First birthday!  I can’t believe it’s been a year since she was born…  I can’t believe we let her eat a whole piece of cake by herself!  The little get together that we had was fun.  My wife did a great job putting the whole thing together!  I won’t write about the whole thing.  But I’ll post a few pictures from the party so you can see what my family and I have been up to!



Here is the birthday girl with her 6 – 7 month old cuz.  So cute together!  My Daughter looks so big next to her now.  It’s unbelievable how quickly these kids grow!


All the kids… for some reason… thought under the food table was this magical place full of… who knows what.  They remained under this table for most of the part like this haha.

One of the things the kids are doing here is enjoying their goodie-bags.  We went to party city and filled each kids bag with some boy or girl related toys.  They loved it.


Me and my lovely wife Malia and our daughter Zelda.

I wish I was good enough with my Nikon camera to take some more creative shots on the fly.  But practice makes perfect!

Happy Birthday Sweet Daughter!  I pray God blesses you with many more!

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IMG_0767Hobby: Perler Beading.  Leon from the Resident Evil Games.

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Picture taken by National Geographic

I am an American and I want to visit UK.  I want to badly!  I think most Americans want to visit the UK.  In fact its one of the top destinations for American travelers.  But whenever I hear the reasons people want to go I’m often disappointed by their responses.  “I want to see Big Ben!” or “I want to take a picture with those Royal Guards who never move” or “I want to see the crown Jewels”.

Now, some people really want to do these things, that’s fine.  However, I believe there is SO MUCH MORE to the UK than what can be seen from Parliament & Buckingham Palace.  After all the United Kingdom is comprised of 4 countries after all: England, Wales, Scotland, and Northern Ireland.  I’m going to try to keep each description fairly short so you can read through all of them.  Here are the top 10 reasons I believe everyone should visit the UK.

10 The History
This is a land filled with History!  A land of Kings and Queens.  A land full of old myths and legends.  A land of many wars and strife.  A land that was the capital of the world at one point.  Most American’s have some bloodline connection to one of the four countries.

9 The Castles
Get away from downtown London and go explore some of the Castles of the country!  There are over 1500 castles in England.  Over 1,600 in Scotland (Although quite a few are in ruins now.)  About 400 in Wales and Northern Ireland has somewhere between 50 – 100.  Each one of these locations has a story to tell.

8 The Food
There was this British girl I liked back in college (just before I met the love of my life, love you sweetie!) and she found this British restaurant – a sort of mom and pop joint just a few miles from our small college at Eastern University near Wayne Pennsylvania.  It wasn’t a date, well… I thought it was.  But apparently it wasn’t… she broke my heart… sigh… I’m not bitter… anyway about the food.  YUM!  It was so different what what I was use to eating.  Some of it I loved – some of it I hated – but I was thrilled to try it all!

7 The Rolling Green Hills
All area’s of the UK have their large abundance of rolling green hills, but Northern Ireland instantly comes to mind.  Every photo I’ve ever seen of the country side out there is like some magical land straight out of a painting.  These hills make for great photo ops.

6 The Master Craftsmen/Women
The industrial revolution brought about large scale manufacturing – thus almost completely eliminating the need for craftsmen who produce custom made things.  Almost.  The UK is home to tens of thousands of craftsmen & women from every walk of life that are still in business crafting various different items that people are still willing to pay top dollar for because some things are just better made by hand.

5 The Pub’s.
Now, I know what you’re thinking!  “I don’t drink.”  or  “I don’t want to go to a bar” right?  UK “Pubs” are different from American Bars.  Pub’s (short for Public Houses) are a place where friends and families go to hang out, see some good local entertainment, eat a hearty meal, and of course, have a pint.   Pub’s are most streets in major area’s and each one unique.

4 The Architecture

Don’t you dare go to the UK without admiring the hundreds of years of artwork on display in the streets, buildings, lamps, windows, gardens, homes, offices and churches.  The amount of detail the builders put into the historical buildings are mind boggling.

3 The Photographic Opportunities
Breath taking Images are just waiting for you to take some pictures of.  I would love to take 2 months off work and just explore and take creative pictures.  You’ll be kicking yourself if you don’t capture this artwork that is all around you.  TIP:  Try to take pictures from different angles and unique vantage points.  Low from the ground looking up.  Having leading lines in your picture.  Etc.

2 The People of the Land
I dare not attempt to stereo type an entire people from 4 countries and so many different cultures within.  Statements like, “They are all wonderful” or “They are all awful” would be a gross and ignorant assumption.  What I do know is that everyone has a story to tell and if you take a moment to strike up a conversation with someone you might be surprised with how it goes.

1 The Over All Culture
Between England, Northern Ireland, Wales, and Scotland – You’ll be roaming a land rich with traditions and shared values.  Take some time – pause – observe – journal your thoughts – take it all in.  Everything mentioned above pours into the over all unique culture of the United Kingdom.

If any of my readers & followers from the UK would like to chime in and add to this list I would love to hear from you.  Even if it is a correction on something I may have gotten incorrect!  Can’t wait to visit yall some day!

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IMG_0067When you see this image, what comes to mind?  Not too long ago I was in Pacasmayo Peru in South America to help an orphanage & Church down there.  I love when I visit other Countries because to me EVERYTHING is art.  Every street, every building, every person, every ally is art.  Take this scene for example.  Many people will see very different things in this picture.

  • Some might just see a wall.
  • Some might only notice the graffiti.
  • Some might see the remains of posters – or the current one that is up.
  • Some might feel sorry for anyone who lives here.
  • Some might think this place is nothing but a dead end.

But did you notice the fresh bricks ready to be laid in the bottom right of the photo?  You see, even when it seems like there is no hope for a grungy and poor situation, renewal is just around the corner.  This was Hobby #32 “Travel”

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